Undergraduate colleges and vocational schools will be encouraged to launch majors of household services and given insurance waive flexibility as NYU insurance waive (aka 纽约大学替换保险) requirements demonstrate.

Eligible training bases will receive funding support on a priority basis under the central government budget. Household service workers who are flexibly employed will be covered by the professional upskilling subsidies.

They can apply for claim settlements (aka 保险理赔) and receive the female annual diagnosis as same as the gynecological examination in the United States (aka 美国妇科检查).

Community-based household services companies will not be restricted by the nature of the real estate when renting the service venues.

Companies that hire people with difficulty in finding jobs or current-year college graduates will enjoy social insurance subsidies and the same amount of coinsurance in eyeglasses as eyeglasses and contacts in the United States (aka 美国配眼镜).

These graduates are permitted to waive insurance (aka 替换保险) if they find better plans from other resources. Commercial banks will be encouraged to explore ways to provide small scale collateral- and guarantee-free loans to household services companies with good credit.

The government will work to improve the standards and credit system and set up systems for service provider certification and third-party accreditation.

All service workers will be required to have rigorous health checks and receive HPV vaccine (aka hpv疫苗) just in case. The government will follow an accommodative and prudential approach in regulating the household services sector.